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ADOPTED!-MAX -Brown Standard Poodle Puppy Boy! 

Adopted!-REECIE MADELINE -Cafe au Lait Standard Poodle Girl!!!

Reecie is a wonderful dog and knows her obedience commands and is very loving! When she lies down, she likes crossing her paws as in the first picture. Please see the pictures above. She was born as a brown standard poodle and turned into a beautiful cafe au lait color. As her hair grows, it turns darker. The original owner surrendered 3 standard poodles to us a few years ago. We found homes for all and adopted Reecie to a home a few years ago. The woman’s lifestyle changed, her elderly standard poodle died, and she began watching her young grandkids so Reecie  was recently returned to us wuth her body and top knot shaved down. We would like to find her forever home who will properly care for her, love her, and never give her up. Is that you? No Crating! $500

Adopted!-ELLIE  – Cafe au Lait Standard Poodle Girl!

Ellie is a beautiful cafe au lait standard poodle girl.  Her adopters returned her because she was chewing their things that they forgot to put away. had her for about six months and then they returned her because when they left the house after a few hours passed, she began to chew things they forgot to put away.   This may happen when a dogs exercise needs are not being fulfilled, which the former owners confimed.  Ellie is fine when the people were home.   Ellie was not getting the exercise she needed.  Since we do not allow crating, where Ellie would hurt herself trying to get out, we are giving a discount to buy a 6 ft tall wire dog run that she can be placed in when you leave is to place her in an indoor run when you leave the house (no cage as she will break her teeth trying to get out of it). Many people have these and it resolves the chewing problem.  Ellie is fine and does not chew when her people are home with her.  She is very potty trained and will hold it until the people arrive back home.  Maybe chewing is her way of preoccupying herself so she doesn’t need to think about holding her potty for long periods. No chickens.  No cats. $200 with special conditions.


ADOPTED-CAJUN-German Doodle Boy!   ADOPTED!!!-COCO 2 – Cafe au Lait Standard Poodle Boy! CKC registered.   

ADOPTED-CANDY- Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen!

My name is Candy. I weigh almost 30 lbs and am four years old. I think I’m a blue Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen! I came here together with Peppy the toy poodle. Our mom died of cancer in her 70′s. Then our dad, a military veteran, died shortly after our mom. The grown daughter did not want us so a kind lady took us in and brought us to Georgia Poodle Rescue to find us a good home. We think we are going to be okay adopted separately. I am very easygoing, fun, and a happy, pretty girl. I like dogs and people, too! $350 No crating!

ADOPTED!!!-PEPPY-Cafe au Lait Toy Poodle Boy!  

Adopted!-BRIDGETTE-Cream Poodle Mix Girl!    

Bridgette is a 6 year old cream colored poodle mix girl born 11/24/11.  She weighs about 9.4 lbs and has a very nice, cute, cuddly personality.  She is shy when meeting new people for the first time but once she knows you are a good person, her personality comes out and she is very loving and gives kisses. She gets along well with other dogs her size and needs another dog her size.  $250 no crating.

ADOPTED!!!-CHARLIE GIRL – Female Caramel Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix! ADOPTED!-MARLEY & LOLA – Bonded Yorkie Poo Sisters! 

CHARLES – Brown Standard Poodle Boy!

Charles is a gorgeous brown standard poodle boy who is looking or his new home.  He came from a home with two other standard poodles, who we have found a good home for and now he is looking for his forever home.  Since he is accustomed to being with other dogs, we are looking for a home with an existing dog so the two can bond and play with each other.  His former owners work two full time jobs and have a new baby so they wanted us to find Charles a home who can give him more time and attention that he deserves.  Charles is a tall svelte standard poodle and weighs about 65 lbs.   He loves other dogs, is very friendly, and playful.



Rocket is a beautiful white standard poodle boy born 1/24/13.  He was an owner surrender because the former owner realized that he needs a fenced yard to safely run around and play with his owners.  Rocket was raised with children so he was very good with the former owner’s older children.  He takes food gently and plays well with other dogs.  He likes to run the fence line sometimes after the UPS or mail trucks if he is bored but if he is playing with other dogs or people he doesn’t care.  Rocket is very friendly and very beautiful.  He just placed 6th place out of 50 rescue dogs at the Atlanta Pet Fair’s Rescue Rodeo.   No smokers for Rocket as he is sensitive to smoke and to Febreeze.  He is ready to go home with you to love you and be loved.

Adopted!!! ANNA – Black/Tan Phantom Toy Poodle Girl!  Plus 5 Puppies!


Anna is a back and tan phantom marked toy poodle girl.  Her breeder dumped both her and her sister Nancy at a high-kill animal control facility and said she bred Anna to the stud she was keeping.  We have since adopted her sister Nancy but Anna came to us pregnant and had 5 puppies  born 7/18/15 (4 boys and 1 girl).  Ivey (white small toy girl), Beamer (white toy boy), Flash (white toy boy), Berkeley (b/w parti toy boy) and Berkeley (b/w parti toy boy).   All are happy, playful, and love other dogs.      4 male pups left are $500 ea.

BELAIRE  adopted!!!

Adopted!!! CANDIE – Cafe au Lait Toy Poodle Girl!

Candie is a beautiful  cafe au lait toy poodle girl born 9/1/13.  She weighs about 10 lbs.  She came to us because she was injured at the former owner’s home and they think with the small children and their large dog that candie fell down the tall staircase and then she loss use ofr her back legs.  She recovered and then was injured again so they wanted us to find her a good home with no small children and no large dogs.  Candie has recovered and runs very fast across the yard with the other little dogs.  She appears to have luxating patellas, which is common in small dogs but is not in pain.  Some little dogs live the rest of their lives with this with no operation and some need an operation to fix the loose kneecaps.    Candie gets along with all of our other small dogs and is such a sweeties pie.  We have taken an xray of her leg and there are no broken bones.  She is very sweet and is looking for her forever home.


Eleagnus is a beautiful moyen sized poodle or doodle girl weighing about 30 lbs and born 6/16/09.  Eleagnus really loves attention and is a friendly, happy, obedient little girl.  Her former owner purchased her from a breeder who has since died.  The former owner had a baby, a toddler, was going through a divorce and selling her home so she did not have the time to keep nor train Eleagnus and asked us to find her a good home.  Ellie was unsocialized with people and dogs when she came to us so we worked on her every day and now she is the most loveable little girl who gets along with all our other dogs.  She is available to the right home.  $500

ADOPTED!!! Dugan – Black Labradoodle Boy!

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