Foster Homes

Will you be a foster home for one or more of our dogs?  Foster homes are a very important part of rescuing as each foster home we have allows us to save one more dog, train and evaluate the dog under our tutellage, and find it a great home.  We provide food, bed, blanket, toys, collar, leash, medical as listed in our foster agreement.

We need foster homes that have room and time to foster a dog in need, care for and evaluate them, help them feel secure and give them attention they need………so they will be ready to be adopted into their permanent homes.


Fostering animals requires dedicated people who make a real commitment to helping animals and can be so rewarding to the fosters.

Fostering a dog in need can be one of the most rewarding acts that you can do.    With each foster home we are able to save another dog’s life.  So many of the dogs at animal control facilities are extremely scared and act very defensive in this environment thereby not allowing their true personalities to fluorish and some are even too scared to drink or eat.   When we rescue animals from animal control facilities and place them in loving foster homes, their true personalities emerge and you can almost see smiles on their faces, making them some of the most appreciative and loving pets.

Fostering a dog can be anywhere from a day, a week, a month or several months or even a year or more.    OUR FOSTERS MUST PROVIDE COMMITMENT TO FOSTERING DOGS UNTIL THEY ARE ADOPTED so as to provide psychological stabilty for the dogs and not create trust and other issues.

Foster homes may accompany us on home visits for the dogs they foster.  When the foster dog is adopted, we will ask you if you would like another dog to foster.  If so, we will find another dog to take it’s place.  Once your foster dog is adopted, we may ask you if you want another foster dog.   If so, we may bring you another dog to foster usually in a few days.   We do not take requests from foster homes for specific types of dogs such as male/female, size, etc.

Other than the basic temperament testing that may be done, when we take in dogs from animal control we don’t know if they have any issues.  With our tutellage, foster homes need to be prepared to work on any issues foster dogs may have such as as fears/issues to men, sounds, men, children, cats, women, barking, excitability, medical/skin/nutritional problems to recover from and other issues.  We will teach you how to work with each individual dog.  Also, we will teach you how to teach the dogs basic obedience skills, potty training if needed, how to walk on a leash and acclimate them to people and other animals.  Some dogs may have issues with your existing dogs and some may have or develop kennel cough, if from an animal control facility.  We prefer to have Fosters separate any new Foster dogs for a designated period of time to ensure their own dogs don’t catch kennel cough.  Your own pets should be current on their vaccinations that are supposed to protect them from the diseases they are vaccinated against.  Some dogs will be dirty, matted, smelly, and have fleas/ticks.  They will need to be immediately bathed, groomed, and given flea/tick preventive.

This is the behind the scenes reality we work with and we can teach you how to also help these dogs.  You must have patience, be caring individuals, use consistency and repetitiveness in working with these dogs.  To see the transformation and how they are turned into loving, trusting, dogs makes it all worth it.  We can’t help them all, but each foster home allows us to help more dogs.

We will give you a progress report to record the foster dogs progress and evaluation.  We may or may not ask you to come on home visits with us since you will know the dogs true personalities as they will be living with you…….but this is not always required.

As a foster home, you will not be allowed to adopt any dog you foster unless you have already fostered at least three dogs.  There will be no discount.  We have this policy because we want serious foster home people contacting us who truly want to help the dogs not the people who only want to “try out dogs”.

Fostering is a rewarding experience.  We cry tears of joy every time one of our dogs is adopted, but knowing the dog has found a good home that we have visited and knowing the dog will have a good life makes it all worth it.  That is our major goal…….

Most dogs that come to us are owner surrenders and there is nothing at all wrong with them and we ask that fosters treat the dogs with love and respect and follow our policies until the dogs are adopted.    There is nothing like being greeted with happy dog kisses and wagging tails as you arrive home and as you wake up.  You will be sad when your dog is adopted but but remember this:  You opened your heart and home for the dog you fostered.  Because you did this, you helped save this dogs life, helped it get adopted into a good home, and created space to help save additional dogs lives.

You must not be a foster with another rescue group nor affiliated with another rescue group when you become one of our Foster homes.  We are relying on you to be with us for a very long time.  If you can foster for a few hours (usually just help pulling the dog from animal control and holding it for a few hours), or more, ie, days, weeks, months, years………let us know.  We have many types of situations in which you can help the dogs.

Begin your journey and contact us now!

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