Out-of-State Adoptions

UPDATE!   WE WILL ONLY BE ADOPTING TO GEORGIA RESIDENTS!  If you live further than 1.5 hours from Alpharetta, GA, before submitting an application, please send us an email with your location so we can determine if we have someone in that part of the state to perform a home visit/fence check (where needed).  If we do, we will let you know.  You will still be required to come to Alpharetta, GA, with your dogs and family for the meet and greet.

Unless we have a committed volunteer in your state who is available to deliver any returned adopted dog, we cannot adopt out of state.  We need to build this network with experienced and dedicated people who will not let us down when we need them, especially because people who could no longer keep their dog usually want to return the dog immediately and we just do not have the resources or network to travel all over the place, nor do we have the resources to hire an attorney in that particular state should an incident occur with the dog.

Our adopters are mandated via contract to return all adopted dogs to us if they can no longer properly care for their adopted dogs…..regardless of the timeframe they have owned the dogs and regardless of the reason.  People usually do not return their dogs, however, we understand that sometimes things happen such as job loss, home loss, economics, ilness, death and other reasons.  If an adopter can no longer keep their adopted dog and they experience financial difficulties then how will they be able to return an adopted dog to us that is out of state?  If someone reports a problem with an adopter who lives out of state, how are we expected to travel to that location and investigate?  Unless someone comes up with extremely good ideas and will be part of the solution to these issues, we can only adopt no further than 1.5 hours of Atlanta, GA.  We may be able to adopt along the route between Atlanta, GA, and St. Simons Island, GA, but please first check with us for availability of the people who would perform the home visit.  Also, the people would be expected to travel to Alpharetta, GA, area for a meet and greet with the dog.

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