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We are a unique rescue and first rescue-based breed club providing for our dogs and adopters what no other rescue provides.  We take in poodles and poodle mixes of all sizes, curly or wavy coated dogs, and occasionally other breeds and animals as space and resources allow.  People feel very comfortable surrendering their dogs to us because of our strict policies, finding the type of families the former owners want their dogs to be adopted to, our nutrition program, our training program, our environment and because of what we provide for our dogs and adopters for the rest of the dogs lives.  Adopters also come back and adopt a second dog and even a third dog because they are so happy with the first adopted dog.  However, we have turned away several hundreds of animals in need in the past.  This is because we don’t just boast high numbers to get the dogs in and get them right out causing many dogs needing to be rescued again and many times not making it.  We know this because many groups do this, don’t want the dogs back, and the adopters bring the dogs to us to rehabilitate.  We focus on creating quality dogs and polishing possible issues with them so they can be very adoptable.  About 99% of our dogs are surrendered from their owners because of our process and policies.  They keep in touch with us until their dog is adopted.  WITH YOUR HELP, we can save more lives during the times we are full by you becoming a volunteer and/or foster home….for a few hours, days, weeks or year by year.    We need volunteers that are strong and can help with the training of the dogs and maintenance of the dogs surroundings both inside and out.  We need volunteers that help with event planning and coordination and marketing.  Sometimes there are dogs in danger of being euthanized in animal control and we need someone in that area to pull the dog out of there under our name and hold the dog for a few hours, days, or weeks until we can get the dog to us.  Sometimes we receive a senior dog that deserves to live the rest of their short lives in a loving, private foster home.  Sometimes there are owner surrenders that live far away and need help getting the dogs to us.  Sometimes we have a dog that needs to recover from surgery and needs personal recovery time and attention in a quiet foster home.  Sometimes a dog is better in a private home until the dog is adopted.  These are situations that we need foster homes for.   By being a foster, you are helping to save two lives:  the existing dogs life in foster and the one we take into our program in it’s place.  This is where we need your help.  We want our fosters to provide the love and time for the dogs in need.  We will pay for the yearly medical expenses.  Won’t you help today?  We need you and the dogs need you.  Existing adopters are already pre-approved to be foster homes and are allowed to adopt the dogs they foster.  New foster homes that have not adopted from us must allow us to show the dog to prospective adopters and be available very quickly to show the dog.  If they are interested in adopting a fostered dog, they must go through our normal adoption process.  Don’t be selfish and say you would never be able to give up a foster dog but instead think about the dogs and ask yourself how you can help out one of our dogs and help to find them a good home and get them into an environment in the meantime where they can have one on one attention.  If you want to volunteer yet can’t find the time then let us bring one or two of our dogs to you to foster in your own home where you can volunteer lots of time with them.  Send an adoption application in today and write “foster” on it.  There is no application fee for a foster application.



Deborah Blatchley, CEO and Founder


Deborah Blatchley

Counsel David Geiger

Gwen Leichty

Laura Rosa


Advisory Board:  Counsel Victoria Hoffman, Counsel Thomas Wynne




The process for adopting one of our poodles or mixes begins with completing our application preferably returning it as an email attachment and submitting a non-refundable $20 “application fee” via PayPal.  The “adoption donation varies for each dog and is listed by each dog’s profile.  The adoption donation helps offset the food, nutritional, medical and other costs we incur amongst all our dogs.  All dogs are spayed/neutered, given vaccines, tested for heartworm, treated for worms, treated for injuries and illnesses when necessary, given dentals/tooth extractions if needed and are treated for infections, allergies, and other things, if needed.  Serious medical problems are also treated, which may result in going to specialists and operating, if necessary.

Our application is thorough in that it will ask you many questions about your lifestyle, your experience, the type of animal you seek, and the lifestyle you intend to provide the animal you seek to adopt from us.  Once your application is received and your payment has cleared, the application will be reviewed.  When the application is initially approved, you will then be contacted, sometimes with further questions, and if appropriate, to schedule a meet and greet with the dog at your home.  ALL family members that reside in the household, which includes any dog family members, must be brought to the meet and greet in Milton, GA.  If everything is good, we will bring the dog to your home to adopt him/her to you and at the same time do a quick home check and fence check.  The adopter(s) chosen to adopt any dog(s) from Georgia Poodle Rescue are required to sign our standard adoption agreement, which the application also becomes part of, stating they will provide proper care and love for the animal as well as other details, including returning the animal to us if they could no longer keep the animal…no matter what period of time has passed.

We encourage you to return the application, even if you don’t see the poodle or mix you are seeking, so we can place you on our waiting list and contact you when the dog you seek comes into our program.  We are always receiving new dogs, calls from people who can no longer keep their dogs, and may know of someone else or another organization who has a dog that you seek and can also refer you to them if we have your application on file.  We have provided 100% of the people formerly on our waiting list with a wonderful family member!

Georgia Poodle Rescue is a legal entity formed under Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated and licensed in January 2009. We are a licensed and permitted non-profit corporation located in the city of Milton, Georgia, formerly known as Alpharetta unincorporated.  We are licensed by the state, by the city, by the Dept of Agriculture and receive inspections by the state and county.

We were created to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide sanctuary for unwanted poodles, poodle mixes, and other breeds and animals as resources allow. Once these poodles have been properly rehabilitated and trained, our goal is to adopt them into appropriate, loving, and responsible “forever” homes located in the state of Georgia.  We vet, vaccinate, spay/neuter all animals shortly after arrival when needed as long as they are medically fit to undergo the surgery.  We even socialize our dogs with other dogs and with people.  We are no kill.  Our policy requires us to conduct meet and greets with the dogs and their potential new owners first so all can concur on a good match.  We do not adopt out of state.    Also, we do not adopt to families with children under the age of 10 for the safety of the children and for the safety of the dogs.

We do the work for you!  We are looking for a certain lifestyle for the dogs we adopt out.  We want our adopted dogs to be adopted into their forever homes on the first adoption and not be bounced around from home to home, as they are already coming from at least three to four different places by the time they are adopted from you (the home they came from, an animal control or other facility, our shelter and your home.).  We do everything we possibly can to help ensure our dogs receive a good chance of being adopted into their “forever” homes.  We are the first rescue organization that we know of that commits to providing ALL of the following to dogs adopted from us:  training in a home environment in basic obedience, socialization, housetraining and acclimation to a home environment, how to walk on a leash, pack leadership protocols (with instructions to the lucky new owners), up-to-date vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping.  Adoption donations/can range up to $500 per dog, with an occasional dog outside this price range, which allows our organization to continue feeding, housing, training and providing medical and nutritional care for the poodles, especially for those poodles that will most likely be with us for the rest of their lives due to their age or other issues.  The adoption donation/fee also includes a free one-year membership in Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated and lifetime discounted dog boarding at the exclusive Blue Willow Farm as space allows.  All dogs are in a home environment and are allowed to run and play outside in the sunshine and on real grass several times per day and evening.

If you are unable to adopt from us at this point in time, we greatly accept all donations, no matter how small or large, to help our organization continue helping the poodles.

We focus on quality rather than quantity and have a small shelter as well as foster homes.  We do not keep our dogs in cages.  Our shelter is on a private property.  We want to be different from other rescues and be with the dogs during the day and overnight…..not turn off the lights and lock the doors and leave them alone.  These beautiful beings have feelings and think they are people so they get the benefit of going outside several times a day and night, eating good dog food, and receiving homemade stews and soups and the beneficial Raw Meaty Bones diet as promoted by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, DVM.  Blue Willow Farm also gives discounted boarding to people for the dogs they adopt as well as their other dogs.   That said, we are always in need of good foster homes that meet our guidelines, monetary donations, donations of large blankets, towels, paper towels, Odo-Ban (gallon size and full spray bottle available at Sams Club or Home Depot and Lavender Fabuloso, Gallons of White Vinegar, Witch Hazel, Alcohol, Peroxide, leashes, halters, collars, laundry detergent, kennels, toys, healthy treats, volunteers and much more. to help us out, especially at our events.  We are also in the process of forming various committees and are looking for people to help lead, manage, and volunteer on these committees.  If you are interested or have any thoughts to help out, please contact us at georgiapoodlerescue@gmail.com.

Our full contact information is:  email at georgiapoodlerescue@gmail.com , phone at 678-624-0444, and US mail at 12850 Hwy9N, Suite 600-230, Alpharetta, GA 30004.



1.)  Our contract may possibly conflict with other state laws, thereby, making it void.  It would be cost prohibitive to hire attornies familiar with other state laws to ensure our contract supersedes all other state/federal laws.  It would also be cost prohibitive should we need to hire attornies and other professionals in certain situations to retrieve dogs from other states.  Also, other state animal protection rights may not be strong and/or animal shelters in other states may not undergo inspections.  For example, South Carolina ranks at the bottom in animal protection laws (source:  Humane Society of the US -

http://www.thecolumbiastar.com/news/2012-01-20/Front_Page/SC_ranks_at_the_bottom_in_animal_protection_laws.html ).

2.)  Since we take all adopted dogs back for any reason at any time, we need to be nearby to retrieve the dogs.  If the adopting family develops financial hardships, they will not be able to financially send the dogs back to us.  We don’t have the budget to do this, nor the manpower, nor can we always rely that someone trustworthy will always be available when we need them at that point in time in another state.   Also, if the dog becomes lost, we need to be nearby to help find the dog, since the dog is trained by us and knows us.

3.)  We care about our dogs and we perform home visits……..no exceptions.  Our budget and our older van does not allow us to perform home visits further than 1.5 hours from the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, so we rely on existing adopters outside of that area to help conduct the home visits and fence checks, but the potential adopters must come to Alpharetta/Milton area for the meet and greet.   If you live outside this adoption area, please email us first before submitting an application so we can first find someone in your area to help with the home/fence check.  No out of state adoptions!


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