Adoptable Animals

PLEASE GIVE THESE DOGS THE SPECIAL HOMES AND WONDERFUL LIVES THEY DESERVE!  They will look up to you and tell you in many ways, EVERY day how appreciative they are! 



When you adopt from a rescue or foster for a rescue, you are supporting the rescue efforts by helping to support the existing dogs and making space for the rescue to save even more dogs that deserve to have another loving home rather than to be euthanized in animal control or by their caretakers



1.  Be sure to read and meet our policies listed under our Policies tab, read the dogs profiles below.

2.  Request an application via OR copy and paste the application from this web site into a Word document and email to us 3.  Go to and follow the instructions for making a payment to pay your application fee.  Paypalet will notify us when this is done and we will begin reviewing your application.

Remember, we are available for free training advice and free nutritional advice for the rest of the dogs life.  Adopters and their other dogs* receive discounted boarding at Blue Willow Farm.  The dogs already know the owner and receive free TV, free playtime, free walks and free cuddles. (*Certain restrictions apply,

Keep on sharing all our pictures so we can find homes faster. Print them out and post them in the dog food stores, grocery stores, feed stores, department stores and boutiques, diners, restaurants, veterinary offices, groomers , subdivision post boards and newsletters, your company newsletters, break rooms, cafeterias, apartments, senior homes, playhouses, and everywhere else you think there will be quality adopters who could afford our grooming and care and our personality of following you everywhere, hence, our nickname of the shadow dog. This is not our fault that we are here needing homes. We are wonderful, trained and socialized dogs and you receive free training and nutritional advice for the rest of our lives. Please always help us. There will always be more of us coming in and us poodles cannot speak for ourselves so we need Georgia Poodle Rescue! We need your support in many ways! Thank you for your kindness and caring towards us. Thank you for paying attention and taking the time to read this. Always remember us when you see an opportunity for us. Please never forget us. All dogs who come to us are evaluated and receive training in basic obedience, walking on a leash without pulling, potty training, socialization with other dogs, socialization with people and are taught how to be happy.  All dogs receive this if necessary and may be at different stages when they are adopted but potential adopters with approved applications will meet these dogs at the meet and greet.  For the rest of the adopted dogs life, our adopters receive free training advice, free nutritional advice, and discounted dog boarding with free basic training brushup if needed at , which supports the dogs in the poodle rescue.

NOTE:  You need to have an approved  application for a meet and greet as we need to ensure the dogs you are interested in are in one location and freshly groomed at the meet and greet.  Our mailing address is listed on this web site…not our physical address nor our foster homes.  Meet and Greets are by appointment only with approved applications. WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT OF STATE!   


SMALL TOY DOGS (4-13 pounds) – (Unless otherwise listed, each of these dogs are $300.)


Hi, my name is Bandit! I am a silver and white toy poodle mix with curly poodle hair. I came here about 4-5 lbs overweight.  I keep my head down probably due to my weight, which I’m trying to lose, but I have lifted my head several times.   I just turned 5 years old in March 2018. My first mom couldn’t keep me because she was moving. My second mom said dad was in and out of the hospital with heart and back operations and I was being left alone for long periods of time and said she wanted better for me so she asked Georgia Poodle Rescue to find me a family who can devote time to me. I know, come, sit, stay and high five! I am very friendly, love to go for walks, love other dogs and people my size and I like toys, too. I’m crying because I miss my mom and dad, but Georgia Poodle Rescue said it will be okay and they will find me a good home. These pictures are of me in the van being transported. If you are interested in me, please go to and click on the tab, How To Meet Our Dogs. No Crating! $200

BEAMER- White/Light Cream Toy Poodle Puppy Boy!

I was born here over a year ago and my brothers Berkeley and Princeton, sister Ivey, and mother Anna have all been adopted.  They were all very outgoing but I am very shy until I get to know you.   The people who have come to see me were nice but I was very scared of them so I ran away from them.  BUT, once I get to know you, I am the best dog ever and give kisses and look longingly into your eyes!  I am accustomed to being with and need another friendly dog my size that I can run around and play with.  I get along with all nice dogs. I weigh about 10-12 lbs!  No crating.  $300 

FOXY & GINGER – Bonded Red Toy Poodle Sisters!


Hi!  We are Foxy & Ginger and we are bonded red toy poodle sisters so need to be adopted together.  We are 3.5 years old, weigh about 7 lbs each, are well socialized, and are trained to the potty pad.  We play very well with each other and with other dogs our size.  We love to go outside with our person and explore.  There is so much to see!  We are being spayed on 5/23/18 but you can meet us and pre-adopt us before then.  $600 No crating.

OZZIE-Cream Poodle Mix! Hi! My name is Ozzie and I am a toy sized cream colored cutie petutie poodle mix boy. These pictures show me with long hair and now with short hair.  I am 2 years old and will be 3 years old on 8..19.18. I am fun, love other dogs, and playful. My parents could no longer care for me. I don’t know why but here I am looking for a new home. If you are interested in me, go to and view the policies then gmail them for an application to meet me. I’ll be waiting!!! See you soon! $300 No Crating!

MILEY – Cafe au Lait Toy Poodle Girl!

Hi!  My name is Smiley!  I am a 3.5 year old cafe au lait toy poodle girl weighing about 7 lbs.  I came together with Foxy and Ginger.  I am well socialized and am trained to the potty pad.  I play very well with other dogs my size.  I love to go outside with my person and explore.  There is so much to see!  I am being spayed on 5/23/18 but you can meet me and pre-adopt me before then.  $350 No crating!

MINIATURE DOGS – 15-35 lbs

ARLO-Black Miniature Poodlex Boy!

Arlo is a black miniature poodle or poodle mix boy between one and two years old.  He weighs 27 lbs and is a nice low energy dog.  He now knows his come and sit commands, we have potty trained him, and he is very obedient.  Animal control found this little guy as a matted, unneutered stray with a skin infection on a matted part of his lower back.  It was painful and the vet shaved him down, put him on medicine, neutered him, microchipped him, vaccinated him, and now he is all healed and ready to be adopted! No crating! $300

Adopted!!!  – BLAKE-Cafe au Lait Moyen Labradoodle Girl!

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Image may contain: dog and indoor

The application slate for Blake has closed.

My name is Blake! I am a beautiful cafe au lait colored labradoodle girl. I am 4 years old and only weigh about 28-30 lbs. I am a very friendly and quiet girl and like to follow you around. My family’s schedule changed and two dogs was too much so their 11 year old dog stayed with them and they thought it would be easier to find me a home. It was very difficult for them to give me up. I am spayed, updated on my vaccinations, and am available for adoption.  No crating!

CHARLIE - White Doodle Mix!

Hi, my name is Charlie and I weigh about 30lbs.  I was born 9.6.15.  My mother was a yorkie and my father was a standard poodle.  I came out all white with beautiful wavy hair.  My Human mom’s work schedule changed and I was in a cage all day, which wasn’t fair to me so Georgia Poodle Rescue was asked to find me a good home who won’t crate me and who has the time for me.  I am friendly and love other dogs and love to play!  Come meet me! I am a very playful and happy boy! Charlie has a lot of energy and he needs to run or fly across the yard at full speed at least twice a day minimum then he calms down so he needs a fenced yard.  Walks on a leash won’t fulfill his needs no matter how long the walks are. $300 NO crating!

Coby – White Miniature Poodle Mix Boy!!!

Coby is a white miniature poodle boy with a possible tiny mix of another breed, born around 2/4/11.  He sports his beautiful natural poodle tail and has a gorgeous non-shedding poodle coat!  He came to us together with Kasha, a cream miniature poodle mix, born 12/14/11.  Kasha was adopted.   Their former elderly owner was diagnosed with cancer, and has no energy with the cancer treatments so we were asked to find the dogs a good home.  Coby is  happy and playful and loves playing with other dogs.  His weight is  about 18 lbs. and now sports his summer haircut.  No crating.  $250.

Adopted!!! – MADONNA – Cream Poodle/Westie Mix – Madonna looks like a large westie.  She stands 2 feet tall and is mixed with poodle but she has the non shedding westie coat.  She is very sweet, loves to give kisses, loves to cuddle, loves to sleep with you but she will also be content sleeping in a cushy dog bed near you.  She loves receiving attention, pets, belly rubs a d kisses so much that she doesn’t want to share that love with another dog.  She would be good in a one dog home to fulfill her needs.  She just turned 3 years old this month, January 2018, weighs 30 lbs, and is spayed, updated on her vaccines, heartworm negative and microchipped.  She knows her commands.  She has her natural tail and ears, which sometimes stands up when she is excited.  No crating.

Verdell – Miniature Cream Poodle Boy!

I am a 17-lb cream poodle boy about 1-2 years old.  I am a very nice, friendly poodle boy who likes to be spoiled and hang with you on the couch and run and play with you outdoors. I like to play with other dogs, too.  My former owners could no longer keep me due to a lifestyle change after moving and wanted Georgia Poodle Rescue to find me a good home.  No crating! $300


5 Cream Moyen Goldendoodle Boys and Girls!

We have 3 boy and 2 girl moyen/medium goldendoodles….all cream color between 1.5 and 3.years old. You must have another same or similar breed dog to adopt one unless you are adopting two. Fenced yard is required. Policies apply. All are friendly and very playful and at different stages of being trained.they all look very similar to each other. Their coats have all been recently clipped short. Owners died. If you are interested, please go to and click on the tab, How To Meet Our Dogs.  $600 Each.  No Crating!

DALLAS – Black with white points Labradoodle Boy!

Hi! My name is Dallas, and I am a black labradoodle boy with a white tipped tail, white toes on all four paws, and a white bib on my chest! I was born 1.15.17.  I have a thick wavy dark black beautiful coat!  I know sit, come, lay down and I am working on short stays.  I love to run and play with toys, with other dogs, and with you! I am friendly and am a good boy looking for a family to love me and care for me.  I weigh about 60 lbs now and may gain another 10-15 lbs. My mother was a brown standard poodle and my father was a silver/blue lab. I fetch, retrieve and will drop the stick or ball when you ask…..but I always want it back because it’s fun!!!!  I am neutered.  I need a fenced yard so we can safely play with each other! $500  No crating!

DIESEL – White Standard poodle boy!

I am an all white standard poodle boy, who is very friendly, gentle, and quiet! I like to be with my person and watch what they are doing….just like any poodle does!  I I just turned six years old in 2018.  My dad is in the military and went to Afghanistan.  He couldn’t take me and i went to a new home for about a year.  Her work schedule changed so I was sent to her sister’s house.  I was her first dog.  I stayed there for about a year and then I came to Georgia Poodle Rescue, where I was trained, loved, not caged and get to play with other dogs.  I am looking for a permanent family who knows how to care for a standard poodle.  If it is you, please view the policies and email for an application to meet me.  $500 No Crating!

KLUSKA- Black and Silver German Shepherd Girl!

Meet Kluska, a beautiful 3 year old spayed German shepherd girl!  Kluska is extremely friendly and was trained by her original owner to jump fences.  We can guess he was training her for the Schutzhund sport or some type of protection or even police or security work.  She is extremely loyal and wants to be by your side.  She jumped our 5ft fence between the front and back yard to be with us.  She can jump the 6 ft run.  She just wants to be with her human!  The original owner gave her to another family who only had a four foot high fence.  They just stuck her in the yard, didn’t give her heartworm prevention, and she tested heartworm positive.  She was surrendered to animal control, which is an immediate death sentence so she came to us as well as a small poodle.  She is great with small dogs and big dogs. $400 (Includes Heartworm Treatment!)  No Crating!

SCRUFFY – Cream w/Apricot Ears Labradoodle Puppy Boy!

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Hi!  My name is Scruffy!  I am a cream w/apricot ears labradoodle puppy boy!  I am between 8 months old and 1 year old.  The vet will tell me soon.  I am a super friendly guy, weighing about 30 lbs right now.  I have fluffy hair all over my body.  I love playing with other dogs and exploring with my person outdoors.  I don’t know if I will stay medium size or will grow into a large dog.  I know some of my commands and am quick to come to you when you call my name!  I smile a lot and want to be with you and give you puppy kisses!  I am potty trained and go outside with the other dogs several times a day!  I need someone who won’t leave me alone all day while they work.  I will be neutered on 5/23/18 but you can meet me and pre-adopt me beforehand. $600  No crating!


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