Adoptable Dogs

PLEASE GIVE THESE DOGS THE SPECIAL HOMES AND WONDERFUL LIVES THEY DESERVE!  They will look up to you and tell you in many ways, EVERY day how appreciative they are! 



When you adopt from a rescue or foster for a rescue, you are supporting the rescue efforts by helping to support the existing dogs and making space for the rescue to save even more dogs that deserve to have another loving home rather than to be euthanized in animal control or by their caretakers.  If the former owner or animal control do not tell us what breed or breed mixture the dog It’s then we do our best guess.  We do not do DNA tests and we don’t guarantee a breed or breed mixture.  We are rescue and not breeders.   


1.  Be sure to read and meet our policies listed under our Policies tab, read the dogs profiles below.

2.  Request an application via , reviw our policies and the dogs profiles on this web site, if you meet the policies, complete the application, save it in a Word document, and return via email. 3.  Go to and follow the instructions for making a payment to pay your application fee.  Paypal will notify us when this is done and we will begin reviewing your application.

Remember, we are available for free training advice and free nutritional advice for the rest of the dogs life.  Adopters and their other dogs* receive discounted boarding at Blue Willow Farm.  The dogs already know the owner and receive free TV, free playtime, free walks and free cuddles. (*Certain restrictions apply,

Keep on sharing all our pictures so we can find homes faster. Print them out and post them in the dog food stores, grocery stores, feed stores, department stores and boutiques, diners, restaurants, veterinary offices, groomers , subdivision post boards and newsletters, your company newsletters, break rooms, cafeterias, apartments, senior homes, playhouses, and everywhere else you think there will be quality adopters who could afford our grooming and care and our personality of following you everywhere, hence, our nickname of the shadow dog. This is not our fault that we are here needing homes. We are wonderful, trained and socialized dogs and you receive free training and nutritional advice for the rest of our lives. Please always help us. There will always be more of us coming in and us poodles cannot speak for ourselves so we need Georgia Poodle Rescue! We need your support in many ways! Thank you for your kindness and caring towards us. Thank you for paying attention and taking the time to read this. Always remember us when you see an opportunity for us. Please never forget us. All dogs who come to us are evaluated and receive training in basic obedience, walking on a leash without pulling, potty training, socialization with other dogs, socialization with people and are taught how to be happy.  All dogs receive this if necessary and may be at different stages when they are adopted but potential adopters with approved applications will meet these dogs at the meet and greet.  For the rest of the adopted dogs life, our adopters receive free training advice, free nutritional advice, and discounted dog boarding with free basic training brushup if needed at , which supports the dogs in the poodle rescue.

NOTE:  You need to have an approved  application for a meet and greet as we need to ensure the dogs you are interested in are in one location and freshly groomed at the meet and greet.  Our mailing address is listed on this web site…not our physical address nor our foster homes.  Meet and Greets are by appointment only with approved applications. WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT OF STATE!   


TOY SIZE DOGS (4-13 pounds) – (Unless otherwise listed, each male dog in this section is $300 and each female in this section is $350 unless otherwise stated in their profile.)

HOPE!  White and Tan Young Toy Poodle Shih Tzu Mix Girl!!!

Hi! My name is Hope! I think I am a poodle shihtzu mix.  The vet says I’m around 3 years old.  I like going outside and exploring with you.  I weigh 17 lbs but no taller than a toy poodle height and I am white with tan markings. I belonged to someone who let me stray a lot. She gave me to another person who loved me but was allergic. I smile and wag my tail. I am waiting for my spay appointment but you can come meet me and if we like each other you can preadopt me ahead of time.

No big dogs for me. I shed slightly but nothing major.

If you are interested in me then please click on the tab, How To Meet Our Dogs.  No Crating!  $400

ADOPTED!!! – Barry – Black w/White Bib Shihpoo Puppy Boy!

Hi, my name is Barry and I am a black with white chin and chest shihpoo puppy boy. I’m only about 7-8 months old and weigh 10.8 lbs. I am potty pad trained. My owner moved out and left me and two other dogs alone. The family couldn’t keep the dogs so all three of us were brought to animal control. I can walk and run both slow and fast and love playing with other nice dogs my size. When I walk or run my back legs go up and to the side. This is due to my former owner stepping on me when I was younger. BUT it doesn’t stop me from getting where I want to go! I am a happy and determined little guy and have a nice smile, too! Georgia Poodle Rescue removed many mats from my coat but this picture shows how I look with my coat grown out before it was clipped short. They are doing exercises with my back legs.  $300 No Crating!

ADOPTED!!!-SassyBlack/Tan Phantom Toy Poodle Girl!

Hi! My name is Sassy! I am a black and tan phantom patterned toy poodle girl weighing 8.4 lbs. I weighed about a pound lighter earlier this year but I discovered the tasty cat’s food at my former home. I was born 10.6.14 so I just turned 5 years old! Us little ones have been known to live from 18-22 years old!

Without going into details my former owner is now taking care of her mom and asked Georgia Poodle Rescue to find me a new home where I receive the attention I deserve. So here I am looking for you!

I am potty pad trained but do potty outdoors sometimes. I am fully updated on my vaccines and am heartworm negative and come with my vet paperwork and CKC papers.

I am very sweet and quiet and loving and am friendly with other dogs my size. No big dogs for me. I am too small for them. I like to sit on the couch and cuddle with you and snuggle into you.  $350 No crating!

Beamer-ADOPTED!!!-White Toy Poodle Boy!

I was born here over on 7.18.15 and my brothers Berkeley and Princeton, sister Ivey, and mother Anna have all been adopted.  They were all very outgoing but I am very shy until I get to know you.   The people who have come to see me were nice but I was very scared of them so I ran away from them.  BUT, once I get to know you, I am the best friendly and happy dog ever and give kisses and look lovingly into your eyes!  I am accustomed to being with and need another friendly dog my size that I can run around and play with.  I get along with all nice dogs. I weigh about 10-12 lbs!   No Crating!


Callie is a 3-year old 13 lb little bichon frise. She was adopted out but came back. It was the wrong match. People, if you are moving at home or at the office, travelling and don’t have the appropriate time nor consistent calm to devote to a new dog’s needs then it is not time to adopt! Callie gets along with all our little dogs here. She is cheerful and friendly. We have her on a potty schedule with everyone else and she does fine. You must know the bichon breed. She is updated on her vaccines and heartworm tested negative and examined. All went well. She walked into our veterinarians office and greeted all new people and dogs. She loves Dr. Christopher! NO CRATING!


Hi! My name is Lucy! I am a small toy poodle weighing 5-7 lbs. I was born 10.23.14 so just turned 5 years old. I am very sweet and love other dogs my size. I like to play with different toys. My owner’s work and school schedule changed and I began pottying on the inside even though I was potty trained. I cried to be picked up and sit on the lap but that wasn’t always possible so my former owner wants me to be in a home that has the time to debote to me and knows poodles my size. I am updated on my vaccines, microchipped, and heartworm tested and dewormed. I just came in today and GPR is learning more about me but so far no potty accidents and no crying in the car! $350  NO CRATING!

GEORGIE – Light Cream Toy Poodle Boy!

Georgie is an 8-10 year old light cream toy poodle boy.  He appeared on the back porch of someone’s house barking because he was hungry.  The person couldn’t find his owner so had animal control pick him up.  No one claimed him.  He arrived all matted and looked apricot because he was so dirty.  When we bathed and geoomed him, he emerged into a very cute light cream color.  The vet thought he was out on his own fir a while because he was so skinny and had worn pads.  It was a miracle he wasn’t killed by a car or wild animal or other stray dogs.  He has gained his weight back and weighs 9 lbs and his paw pads are now normal.  He loves to go running with other small dogs and is very friendly and cuddly.  He will bark when he needs to potty and is also trained to the potty pad.  He may have selective hearing but can hear high pitched sounds.  He is very curious and is always watching you and wants to be with you.  He also walks well on a harness and leash.  A very lucky and nice little guy. $200

MILES – Black Toy Poodle Mix Boy!

Hi! My name is Miles! I am a black 1.5 year old, 8 lb toy poodle mix with tall legs. I am very cute. My former owner had her own children and foster children and I became absolutely terrified of them. My former owner contacted the vet to euthanize me because I would snap in the air anytime one of the kids came near me. They were too rough with me and I am also scared of the leash (at the vet’s office (maybe the kids dragged him around on the leash and the parent didn’t properly supervise the kids around this tiny guy?). Anyway, the vet refused to euthanize me and I came to GA Poodle Rescue. The vet said I have NO aggression and I am fine with nice adults. So nooooo kids for me (no children, no grandchildren, cousins, visiting children, etc.). I am perfectly fine with nice adults. I was just updated on my vaccines and tested heartworm negative but I will be neutered soon. I can have my face and neck shaved to look more like a poodle. I have wavy hair. You can come meet me beforehand.  $300  No Crating!


Hi!  My name is Lover…as in Lover Boy!  I am a silver toy poodle boy who is about 8-8.5 years old as of 1.18.20.  I am updated on all my vaccines, dewormed, and have a negative heartworm test   I am a happy little guy and absolutely LOVE the tennis ball, which I will constantly fetch and retrieve!  I weigh about 14.5 pounds so am about 3 lbs over weight….but making me run back and forth with the tennis ball should quickly fix that!  I am quiet.  My former family originally got me from animal control when I was a lot younger.  They didn’t have kids then and I got all the attention.  Now they have 3 kids, one was just born, and I don’t get the same attention so I started rebelling by going poopies inside……even though I was potty trained before.  The vet checked me out and did a full blood panel and everything checked out good.  My former family wants a home where I will receive most of the attention.  I great with other dogs, too!  I have not had an accident indoors since I came here 2 days ago.  $200 No Crating!

ADOPTED!!!-KIPPER- Cream Toy Size Poodle Boy!

Hi! My name is Kipper! I was born 9.15.17 and am a cream larger toy poodle boy weighing about 14 lbs.  I am the size of a larger toy poodle with slightly taller legs.  I am a very mature and well behaved boy! My family’s lifestyle changed and they wanted Georgia Poodle Rescue to find me a good home. I like to run and play and get to do that with the other dogs here. It’s fun! I like to cuddle and be held and be spoken nicely to.  I am friendly, cute, and potty trained. No Crating!  

ADOPTED!!! – WINSTON-White Toy Poodle Boy! Winston was found as a stray by animal control. We neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed him and he tested heartworm negative. Our vet said he is 3 years old and was born with one eye cloudy and smaller than the other eye. The othet eye looks great.  The vet said there’s no need to remove the eye.  Winston can see fine out of the other eye. Winston weighs about 11.5 lbs once we put weight on him and he has turned into a very loveable and playful little boy who gets along with our other dogs.  He is spunky and loves to play with toys flipping them in the air.  $300  No Crating!

MINIATURE SIZE DOGS (Weight ranging from 14-35 lbs.).

CASEY! -  Cream Miniature Poodle Boy!

Hi!  My name is Casey!  I am a 14-15 lb cream miniature poodle boy!  I am 8 years old as of the end of October 2019.  I was taken in as a stray at a very scary and high kill animal control facility.  A rescue took me in for an out of state rescue. I was there for 3 months before I was transferred to another rescue who had a molar pulled and contacted Georgia Poodle Rescue.  I am updated on my vaccines, had bloodwork done, dewormed and tested heartworm negative.  Georgia Poodle Rescue is having me neutered and giving me a dental.  I am an extremely friendly, quiet,  and laid back little boy.  I like other dogs.  I am now potty trained.  I love to go with you places and I love, loe, love a few small pieces of bacon, chicken, ans turkey, which I will gently take from you ans gladly eat!  Mmm!  Mmm!  I love to hang with you on the couch on a soft blankie!  I’m looking for a home who will love me!  Come meet me! $200  No crating!


Adopted!!!-CESAR – Tan and White Poodle Mix Boy (Maybe Cockapoo or Cavapoo)!!!

My name is Cesar and I am a tan and white 17.3 poodle mix boy born 2-11-17. Maybe I am a cockapoo or cavapoo.  My former owner couldn’t keep me because she lived in an apartment, was a first time dog owner, and realized she did not want the responsibilities of caring for a dog so here I am…..happy little me looking for a great forever home!  I have gorgeous amber eyes, a cute liver colored nose, and soft wavy hair!  I don’t shed.  I am well behaved and know my sit and come commands.  I am young and playful and happy with both people and other dogs.  I am potty trained, heartworm tested negative, and up to date on my vaccines!  I love playing with toys and I love belly rubs!  I miss being in a home where I can run around and play in, receive cuddles, and watch TV on a comfy couch or chair with YOU!  Will you give me that again?  No crating!

ADOPTED!!!-COPPER-Miniature Red Goldendoodle Boy!

Hi! My name is Copper! I am a miniature red goldendoodle boy weighing about 25 lbs. My DOB is 11.3.16 so I just turned 3 years old. My parents love me but now they have a baby and a toddler and they want Georgia Poodle Rescue to find me a home where I can receive more attention and fulfill my exercise needs. I get so excited going for a walk that I pull on the leash but I am being taught not to do that. I have a very friendly personality and love people and other dogs.

Do you think you and I can meet to see if we are a match?

Needs fenced yard.  $600 No crating!


Hi! My name is Lola! I am a gorgeous red miniature labradoodle puppy girl weighing only 29 lbs! I should get no bigger than about 40 lbs. I was born 3/6/19. I am a real cutie pie and am fast! I have a soft wiry coat with large waves. I am high energy and am only available to those having a house with an attached fenced yard that we can safely play with each other in. This is the type of home my former owners want for me. My former owners are traveling abroad a lot and didn’t think it was fair sticking me in boarding a lot. I am the size of a miniature poodle. You must be able to demonstrate you can run fast with me and exercise me every day. I love people and other dogs. I smile a lot. I know my name. I learned how to sit today and am a fast learner.  $600 NO CRATING!

Madonna-White Poodle Mix Girl!

Madonna is a white non-shedding wavy-haired miniature sized poodle mix maybe mixed with westie.  She weighs about 35 lbs, stands at 2 ft tall, and born around 1/2016.  She is very sweet, loves to give kisses, loves to cuddle, loves to sleep with you and cuddle and  she will also be content sleeping in a cushy dog bed near you.  She loves receiving attention, pets, belly rubs and kisses.  Madonna is friendly and gets along with all the other dogs here.   She would be good in either a one dog home or in a multiple dog home with a person who knows how to lead all dogs.  She is up to date on her vaccines, microchipped, spayed, potty trained and tested heartworm negative.  She knows her commands.  She has her natural tail and ears, and her ears sometimes stands up when she is excited. She was adopted but returned after a few days because the person wasn’t ready for another dog so shortly after her own dog passed.  Madonna would love to be in a loving home again.   $300 No crating!

LARGE DOGS (All Need an Appropriate Physical Fenced Yard.)

ADOPTED!!! – ARIELLE AND CINNAMON – All Cream and All Red Bonded Standard Poodle Sisters!!!

Meet Arielle and Cinnamon, two standard poodle sisters who are bonded. Arielle is light cream, who weighs 40.8 lbs and Cinnamon is red, who weighs 48 lbs. They just turned 6 years old in November 2019. The interim person who had them since November helped out a breeder who owned them, had cancer, and may no longer be alive. We don’t know what shows, where, or when, but we were told they were show dogs. Both have wonderful, playful, and happy personalities, are well behaved and love other friendly dogs! One of our vets couldn’t tell if they were spayed or not so they may need to be spayed by us and we are hoping another of our vets is able to determine this. You are welcome to meet them ahead of time.

If you are interested in them, click on the tab, How To Meet Our Dogs.  $1,000 NO CRATING!


Hi! My name is Coby. I am a silver goldendoodle boy born 6.24.18 and am only 1.5 years old. I weigh 60.1 lbs. I have a very nice disposition and am friendly with other dogs. I know my name and the come command and am learning how to sit and walk properly on a leash.
My former owners lived in an apartment and the work travel schedule changed and they want me to be with a family who has a fenced yard where we can safely play in and who will never crate me.
I was born black and began turning silver. My vaccines are up to date and I checked out healthy at the vet yesterday, the day I came here, except for an ear infection which I’m being treated for. I also tested heartworm negative yesterday.
$600 NO CRATING!!!


DOUG! – Cafe au Lait/Silver Beige Labradoodle Boy!

Doug is a beautiful cafe au lait/silver beige labradoodle boy born 7.20.16.  His former owner was moving into an apt. and she wanted us to find Doug a home with an appropriate fenced yard.  This size dog needs a lot of exercise every day to fulfill his requirements.  That exercise can be with a dog near his size or with you running and playing with him every day!  Doug has a a sweet personality and loves playing with other dogs.  Once he gets to know you he will be your best Buddy.  He knows sit, down, and will come running when you call him.  $600 No Crating!!!



Hi!  My name is Cooper and I am a black/white parti poodle boy around 2 years old and weighing about 60 lbs!  I am tall and svelte!  I was purchased from a breeder for a woman who developed a debilitating illness and who could no longer care for herself or me any more so here I am looking for a wonderful home where I will be loved again!  I am friendly, know my name, working on different commands, love playing with other dogs and need a fenced yard where we can all safely play together in.  I am a happy young chap sporting a flashy designer coat and would like my new owner to be able to actually run and play with me in a safely fenced yard.  I love other dogs, am very friendly, love toys, love to be loved.  What more can you ask for?  I’m a big young bundle of joy!  No crating!


Hi! My name is Ginger! I am a 3-year old cream/apricot doodle girl born 7.13.16 and I weigh 46.70 lbs. I am fully updated on my vaccines and just had a healthy health exam on 12.16.19.

My former owners had a baby and had five other dogs and it was too much so they asked Georgia Poodle Rescue to find me a new home where I can receive the attention and love once again.

I just came in today so am being evaluated but my former owners said that I was sweet and friendly and get along with other dogs. No toy size dogs because they said I was bossy with them .

Here is a picture of me with long hair but I was just groomed with a short hairdo in the last two pix taken in the van. $600 No Crating!


Hi! My name is Hershey! I am a cafe au lait (coffee with cream color) standard poodle puppy boy! I was born 12-5-17. I am almost 1.5 years old and weigh 50 lbs! I am friendly with both people and other dogs and full of energy at my age. I love toys, especially stuffed animal toys and pig squeaker toys. I like the sound they make. I love carrying toys in my mouth and running with them. I also love you running and playing with me. I now am potty trained come when called sit, and like to make you happy!.  I need a fenced yard attached to your home that we can play safely in. My former owner purchased me from a breeder and had me since I was a small puppy boy but she had toy poodles and no fenced yard and realzed as I grew that I needed a dog my own size to play and run with in a safely fenced area. The little poodles were too little for me to play with, there was no fenced yard and the neighbor’s dog also not in a fenced yard kept trying to bully me! GPR took me in and neutered me. My vaccinations are updated and I am microchipped. I love to run and play, play, play and need a safely fenced yard to do so! NO CRATING!!! $500.


Jetta and Zada are moyen poodle sisters that we would like to place together as they are a bonded pair.  We have their vet work and spoke with the vet.  They weigh about 40 lbs each.  The white poodle is named Zada and the black poodle is named Jetta.  Jetta’s DOB  is 12.12.06.  Zada’s DOB is 4.11.13.  Both dogs have had dentals 3 yrs back.  Both are updated on their vaccines.  Both are potty trained and friendly.  Zada is sometimes scared of thunder.  Both are very well behaved and Zada loves her black ball.  These two belonged to the wife who passed away.  They were purchased as pups.  Is The husband wants them to go to a home where they will have more time with their people as they were spending 10-12 hour daus alone.  They are both charming, potty trained, friendly, get along with other dogs and well socialized with people.  They are not barkers and they would be a nice addition to your family in a quieter household.  No Crating  $500

JOSIE-YOUNG APRICOT MOYEN  GOLDENDOODLE GIRL! (Moyen means a medium size between miniature and standard size). Hi! My name is Josie! I am a 2 year old moyen goldendoodle girl weighing about 45 lbs!  My former owner lost her job so here I am looking for a new home again.  I am friendly and sometimes shy until I get to know you.  I am super energetic and need a home with a similar dog in type and size like me and owners who will actually go outside and actually run and play with me.  I need a fully fenced yard connected to the house so we can play safely together in and parents who I won’t outlive. $600  NO CRATING!!!



Hi! My name is Kimber! I am a 4 year old female black and white parti standard poodle girl born 12/14/14. My first owner purchased me from a breeder but he didn’t know how to properly care for a standard poodle so I went to a friend who had another standard poodle for only 4 days because her dog was jealous of me. So then I went to another good intentioned friend to get me out of there. We had many good times throughout the summer with she and her son and had so much fun but then it was time to go back to school and I was all alone again for long hours every day. I am a nice dog looking for a permanent home where we can be together and have fun. I am beautiful, love fetching balls, know how to sit, know my name when called, I am pad trained but can learn how to potty outside if someone gives me the chance and time. I will begin meeting the other dogs here soon but I had a male large dog as my buddy at the dog park with my former owner. I smile, too!  $500 No Crating!!!

MIKEY – Cream Moyen Goldendoodle Boy! 

(Moyen means a medium size between miniature and standard size).

Hi! My name is Mikey! I am a 2 year old moyen goldendoodle boy weighing about 35-40 lbs! I and a few of my family were adopted but our owner lost her job and here I am looking for a home again.  I am friendly and sometimes shy until I get to know you.  I have a spft grade 2 heart murmur with no symptoms.   I am super energetic and need a home with a similar dog in type and size like me and owners who will actually go outside and actually run and play with me and owners I won’t outlive.  I need a fully fenced yard connected to the house so we can safely play together in and parents who I won’t outlive. $600  NO CRATING!!!


(Moyen means a medium size between miniature and standard size).

Hi! My name is Oscar! I am a 3.5 year old moyen goldendoodle boy weighing about 45 lbs! I and a few of my family were adopted but our owner lost her job and I am back in the poodle rescue looking for a  home.  I am friendly and sometimes shy until I get to know you.  I am super energetic and need a home with a similar dog like me in size and type and owners who will actually go outside and actually run and play with me in a safely fenced yard and owners who I won’t outlive.  $600  NO CRATING!!!

PARTY – Black Standard Poodle Boy!

Party is a black standard poodle boy with a small white spot on his chest.  He came to us overgrown and when we groomed him we suspected sebaceous adenitis.  His skin condition is not contagious.  We have neutered him.  He weighs about 53 lbs. He has had skin scrapes and has tested negative for mange and he has been on past antibiotics.  One vet suspected allergies where he would get allergy shots.  Another veteribarian dermatologist said to give him fish oil caps and probiotics and possibly primrose oil caps.  This has been successful in growing a lot if his hair back but we are beginning to also bathe him and rubbing coconut oil into his skin and giving it internally as well as a vitamin minersl supplement.  Party has a personality of gold.  He knows sit, shake paw, stay, down, wait and can jump through hoola hoops!  He gets along with our large dogs but takes too much interest in small dogs.  He loves playing with people and dogs and loves car rides, too!  We are looking for that wonderful person or family who will love and cherish him and fulfill his nutritional deficiencies.  We have his AKC Litter Certificate, his AKC registration certificate, and his AKC 3 generation pedigree.  There will be a special price for the right family.  No crating!!!

ADOPTED!!! – PENELOPE-Black Standard Poodle Girl!!!

Hi!  My name is Penelope!  I  a two-year old standard poodle girl born 10.7.17!  My former owners lost their home and here I am looking for a new loving home who knows how to care for me and love me!  I was recently spayed here and I am updated on my vaccines and tested heartworm negative.  I have a wonderful, loving personality, am full of energy and can run fast!  I love playing with other friendly dogs like me!  This picture is of me with long hair.  It’s shorter now.  Please read the policies on this page if you are interested in me and then send an email to if you are interested in adopting me!  Fenced yard needed.  No crating!  $600.


REMY! – White Standard Poodle Boy!

My name is Remy! I am a white standard poodle boy born 4/19/17!  I was owned by a woman with stage 3 breast cancer who purchased me for her younger daughter.  I know how to sit and now walk on a leash.  I had to be socialized with other dogs here because I didn’t know how to act around them.  Now they are my best buddies.  My eyes are great but my hair is in one of my eyes in the picture.  GPR thinks I may have been crated and put in there a lot.  I love to play and run with the other dogs outdoors.  I came here liking to jump up and give you kisses.  I have been worked with, but I may want to give you kisses, too!  I love praise. I need parents who I won’t outlive.  I need a fenced yard to safely play with my owners in.   NO CRATING!!! $500

SKIPPER! – WHITE STANDARD POODLE BOY! My name is Skipper! I am a white 2 year old standard poodle boy! I came from a home that didn’t realize all that is involved with a standard poodle! I originally came from a breeder.  I am super friendly, love other dogs, love to run and play and am a charmer! I need parents who won’t outlive me.  I need a fenced yard to safely play with my owners in.  $500 NO Crating!


Hi!  My name is Willow!  I am a doodle girl….maybe a wheatendoodle!  My mom adopted me from GPR a few years ago.  My mom had stem cell treatment for her cancer, however, the cancer came back and I was very worried for her..  She was too weak to care for herself or me…so here I am looking for a new home again.  I am very friendly, potty trained, and get along with the other dogs here.  I am 6 or 6.5 years old and weigh about 50 lbs.  Will you give me a home? $300 NO CRATING!!!

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