Adoptable Animals/Process&Policies

  • We are a unique rescue and first rescue-based breed club providing for our dogs and adopters what no other rescue provides.  We take in poodles and poodle mixes of all sizes, curly or wavy coated dogs, and occasionally other breeds as space and resources allow.  People feel very comfortable surrendering their dogs to us because of our strict policies, finding the type of families the former owners want their dogs to be adopted to, our nutrition program, our lifelong free training program, our environment and because of what we provide for our dogs and adopters for the rest of the dogs lives.  Adopters also come back and adopt a second dog because they are so happy with the first adopted dog.  However, in 2012 and 2013 we unfortunately had to turn away over 300 animals in need.  WITH YOUR HELP, we can save more lives during the times we are full by you becoming a volunteer and/or foster home….for a few hours, days, weeks or year by year.  Sometimes there are dogs in danger of being euthanized in animal control and we need someone in that area to pull the dog out of there under our name and hold the dog for a few hours until we can get the dog to us.  Sometimes we receive a senior dog that deserves to live the rest of their short lives in a loving, private home.  Sometimes there are owner surrenders that live far away and need help getting the dogs to us.  Sometimes we have a dog that needs to recover from surgery and needs personal recovery time and attention in a foster home.  Sometimes a dog is better in a private home until the dog is adopted.  These are situations that we need foster homes for.   By being a foster, you are helping to save two lives:  the existing dogs life in foster and the one we take into our program in it’s place.  This is where we need your help.  We want our fosters to provide the love and time for the dogs in need.  We will pay for the food and the yearly medical expenses.  Won’t you help today?  We need you and the dogs need you.  Existing adopters are already pre-approved to be foster homes and are allowed to adopt the dogs they foster.  New foster homes that have not adopted from us must allow us to show the dog to prospective adopters.  If they are interested in adopting a fostered dog, they must go through our normal adoption process.  Don’t be selfish and say you would never be able to give up a foster dog but instead think about the dogs and ask yourself how you can help out one of our dogs and help to find them a good home and get them into an environment in the meantime where they can have one on one attention.  If you want to volunteer yet can’t find the time then let us bring one or two of our dogs to you to foster in your own home where you can volunteer lots of time with them.  Send an adoption application in today and write “foster” on it.  There is no application fee for a foster application.


Warning!  This first song is catchy and you’ll find yourself singing, humming, or whistling it to yourself!



DOGS BELOW ARE SECTIONED BY  SMALL (Toy), MEDIUM (Miniature/Moyen), AND LARGE (Standard/Moyen) – This web site contains the most updated information should different information be found on other web sites.

When you adopt from a rescue or foster for a rescue, you are supporting our rescue efforts by helping to support our existing dogs and making space for us to save even more dogs that deserve to have another loving home rather than to be euthanized in animal control.

A SAMPLE MEET AND GREET PIC WHERE EVERYONE HAS FUN!   Remember, we are available for free training and nutritional advice for the rest of the dogs life.

 Keep on sharing all our pictures so we can find homes faster. Print them out and post them in the dog food stores, grocery stores, feed stores, department stores and boutiques, diners, restaurants, veterinary offices, groomers , subdivision post boards and newsletters, your company newsletters, break rooms, cafeterias, apartments, senior homes, playhouses, and everywhere else you think there will be quality adopters who could afford our grooming and care and our personality of following you everywhere, hence, our nickname of the shadow dog.

This is not our fault that we are here needing homes. We are wonderful, trained and socialized dogs and you receive free training and nutritional advice for the rest of our lives. Please always help us. There will always be more of us coming in and us poodles cannot speak for ourselves so we need Georgia Poodle Rescue! We need your support in many ways!

Thank you for your kindness and caring towards us. Thank you for paying attention and taking the time to read this. Always remember us when you see an opportunity for us. Please never forget us.


SMALL TOY DOGS (4-13 pounds) – (Unless otherwise listed, each of these dogs are $300)



Beau is a handsome white toy poodle mix boy about 5-6 years old.  His owner could no longer keep him so asked us to find him a good home.  Beau is a very loving little guy and likes to be with his people.  He plays well with other dogs and with people.  He loves to go outside with his people and run around and play and also go for leash walks.  He is a happy little guy and is looking for someone to love him.   He weighs about 12-13 lbs.  $300

Adopted!!!  Bo – Black Toy Poodle Puppy Boy!

Hi, my name is Bo. I am a 5 month old jet black purebred toy poodle puppy boy born August 18, 2014. I am trying to be neutered this week and then I will be available for adoption. The family I was with wanted me to go to a good home because the other dog and I were not compatible. I wanted to play and he didn’t. So here I am looking for someone to take me home and play with me! Hurry up ’cause I have a lot of catching up to do with you!


BRIDGETTE AND JUDY – POODLE MIX GIRLS (Must be adopted together-$400 total

Judy and Bridgette were surrendered together by their former owner to animal control.  We tried to separate them but they are inseparable and need to be adopted together.  Judy is a Lhasa poo and Bridgette is also a Lhasa poo.  They both have a wonderful personality, with Bridgette being a little scared until she gets to know you, then her personality comes out and she is very sweet.  Judy was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and she is on medication.  We would like to adopt both together as they are dependent on each other.  They would be perfect for an apartment, condo, or even a home situation.  They are not high energy and are very easygoing. $400

Adopted!!! – Dudley – Apricot Bichon/Poodle Mix

Dudley is a very pretty apricot bichon/poodle mix.  He weighs about 20 lbs but it is all muscle and he is a toy size in height measuring only about a foot high!  He has an exquisitely happy and playful personality and is very easygoing!  He gets along super with other dogs and loves playing with them and fetching the ball.  He came to us from a family who purchased him for their 14 year old son.  The 14 year old son had a very busy baseball and church schedule and did not have time to potty train Dudley.  Dudley spent from 12-14 hours in a crate and pottied in the crate.  They contact us asking us to find him a good home.  Dudley is now potty trained and goes out several times a day with the other dogs.  His adopter must not use a crate for him as he does not like it.

Greta and Garbo

Greta (picture on left) and Garbo are two darling small toy poodle girls only weighing 6.2 and 7.3 lbs.  Greta is about 5 years old and Garbo is about 8 years old.  They are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.  They may be mother and daughter.  They were found as strays on a very cold day, no one claimed them at animal control, so we were called to take them into our program and find them good homes together.  They are very sweet little girls and well behaved.  Greta is content sitting on your lap, even while you’re working, and Garbo takes all the stuffed animal toys and arranges them all around her in her doggy bed.  It’s the cutest thing!  $550

Adopted!!! – Lilly – White Poodle/Shih Tzu Mix

Lilly is a darling 7 lb white, 3 year old poodle/shih tzu mix.   Her former owner purchased her at 6 weeks old from someone selling puppies.  She brought Lilly to daycare to be socialized with other dogs but she just sat there and the daycare workers did not know how to engage her with the other dogs.  She gave Lilly lots of love and spoiled her but Lilly also needed a certain type of pack leadership training, which many people do not know about.  Lilly is scared of other dogs and does not know how to play with them.  She doesn’t know what to expect when a dog comes up to her to play, is scared, and tries to ward them off with a warning.  We are working on her socialization skills with other dogs.  Lilly is absolutely wonderful with people, loves to be held, and gives kisses.  She is a darling, very cute, and very soft little girl that needs the right person who will help her not be scared of other dogs.  Lilly has made a lot of progress since she has been with us and now will eat out of the same bowl with another dog and run outside with them and let them sniff her.

Ringo – Cream Toy Poodle Puppy Boy!

Ringo is a very cute cream toy poodle boy puppy weighing about 9 lbs.  He was born 5/26/14.  He came to us with a broken front paw which has healed months ago!  He is now our fastest running little guy with the biggest loving personality which comes with many puppy kisses!  His original owner purchased him from a breeder and when she came home Ringo jumped out of her arms and broke her leg.  She brought him to a veterinarian and they gave her a choice of paying over $1000 for his surgery, which she couldn’t afford, or euthanasia.  The vet mentioned nothing about rescues or other options.  She sadly brought Ringo home with her and called a vet tech friend who immediately called us.  In 2014, we brought Ringo to our vet who also works with broken bones, she reset Ringo’s leg and for several weeks, each week we drove two hours for her to check Ringo’s legs.  The cast came off end of November 2014 and our vet gave us the green light that he was ready for adoption!  Ringo is now our fastest running and most playful little darling!  He is a little cute, cute, cutie pie of a dog and happy as can be.  He loves all people and other dogs and loves to run and play and fetch and retrieve balls!  He has a perpetual smile on his face, is neutered, is potty trained, cute and friendly!  What more can you ask for?  $500


MINIATURE DOGS – (15-34 pounds) – (Unless otherwise listed, each of these dogs are $300)

Coby – White Miniature Poodle Boy (possible mix but mostly poodle)

Coby is a white miniature poodle boy born around 2/4/11.  He sports his beautiful natural poodle tail!  He was found as a stray by his former owner when he was about one year old.  He came to us together with Kasha, a cream miniature poodle mix girl born 12/14/11.  Kasha was recently adopted.   Their owner is elderly, was diagnosed with cancer, and has no energy with the cancer treatments so we were asked to find the dogs a good home.  They may be adopted separately.  Both dogs are very friendly.  He is  happy and playful and loves playing with other dogs.  His weight is  about 15-18 lbs.  $300.

Molly – Silver Miniature Poodle Girl



Molly is a beautiful silver miniature poodle girl, about 6 years old as of December 2014 and weighing about 15 lbs.  Her owner went into a nursing home and she was brought to us to find her a good home.  She tested heartworm positive but does not show any symptoms.  Molly grew up together with a cat and is very good with cats.  She has a very calm and pleasant personality and likes to go with you outside and walk around with you………just be with you both indoors and outdoors.  She has a perpetual smile on her face and would make someone a wonderful little companion!  $300


Murphy is a 4 year old black miniature poodle boy.  He is a sweet little boy.  He weighs about 15 lbs.  He was surrendered to us because he did not like his owner’s fiancee.  Murphy was spoiled in a way people spoil each other.  But dogs need to be spoiled differently so they will continue to be obedient.  He has a sweet personality and is obedient as long as people are nice to him.  If people are not nice to him or are impatient with him then he may growl….but not always  We will teach you how to be a pack leader with him and spoil him in a way that will work with his sweet personality.  We prefer a home without young children for Murphy.  $300

Zuni – Red Miniature Poodle Boy

Zuni is a beautiful red miniature poodle boy who was surrendered to us to find him a good home.  He weighs about 18 pounds and was born 12/24/11.  His first owner purchased him from a breeder as a “toy” for her kids to play with.  They gave him no training nor structure and let the kids do what they wanted.  Zuni began growling at the kids as this was his only defense due to the parents not protecting him.  His original owner was going to euthanize him and his second owner saved him.  The second owner had several teacup toy poodles that didn’t get along with Zuni, who was larger than their poodles.  Zuni wanted to play with the dogs but the dogs did not want to play with Zuni and the little dogs began growling at him.  Zuni’s second owners sadly gave him up and asked us to find him a good home.  Zuni is friendly and playful and is a handsome little boy.  He is ready to go to his new home.  $300


LARGE STANDARD/MOYEN DOGS (35+ pounds) – (Unless otherwise listed, each of these dogs are $500)


Connie is a young jet black female very sweet standard poodle girl. She was abandoned as a youngster in her backyard along with her brothers and sisters by an AKC breeder. Connie was born about 6/6/09 and came together with her sister Frances and her brother Houston.  Frances was adopted November 2014 and now it is Connie and Houston’s turn to find good homes!   She has a very nice personality and loves to go outside with you and explore and run around.  She gets along very well with other dogs and would be a wonderful dog to someone.  She is accustomed to having other dogs around her.  We updated her on her vaccines, heartworm tested her, and spayed her.   Connie has been taken on several meet and greets and was almost adopted but then the adopters senior relative died and left them three senior toy poodles to take care of.  We have tested them and it is okay for them to be adopted separately.  Ever since we have opened this rescue in 2009, we are proud to say that our dogs have always come updated with their vaccinations (many times with a 3 year rabies vaccination), DA2PP,  Bordatella, heartworm tested negative, spayed/neutered, sometimes have a dental if needed or as resources allow, flea/hw prevention, trained, microchipped, dewormed, socialized with people and animals and lifetime free training and nutrition advice.  Our adopters are very happy with the dogs they adopt from us and many times come back to adopt a second dog from us!  Our standard poodles require a five foot minimum safely fenced yard unless otherwise listed.



Cotton is a 3.5 year old tall white standard poodle boy as of May 2014.  His former owner fell upon bad times and could no longer afford him.  She tried to give him to the Humane Society and another no kill animal control facility but they would not take him because he had a large tumor on his hip.  She did not know about us then as she just recently moved to GA.  A person who was looking for another dog at the animal control facility at the same time overheard the conversation and said she would take Cotton and add him to her pack of 7 dogs.  She also had a cat and unfortunately Cotton didn’t like cats so she called us.  We neutered Cotton, heartworm tested him negative, and updated him on his vaccines.  We also gave him super good customized nutrition and his tumor is gone.  He is now available for adoption.  He is tall and weighs about 63 lbs.  He is a gentle, happy and loving guy and plays very well with other dogs.  He loves people and he loves dogs!  He is a big love bug!

Ever since we have opened this rescue in 2009, we are proud to say that our dogs have always come updated with their vaccinations (many times with a 3 year rabies vaccination), DA2PP,  Bordatella, heartworm tested negative, spayed/neutered, sometimes have a dental if needed or as resources allow, flea/hw prevention, trained, microchipped, dewormed, socialized with people and animals and lifetime free training and nutrition advice.  Our adopters are very happy with the dogs they adopt from us and many times come back to adopt a second dog from us!  Our standard poodles require a five foot minimum safely fenced yard unless otherwise listed.    $500

DAISY – Tripod Goldendoodle Puppy Girl 



Daisy was born with 3.5 legs, hence the tripod title.  She is a beautiful goldendoodle girl, born 4.14.14, whose breeder wanted her euthanized after she was born because of her handicap of three legs.  The veterinarian refused and said she is a perfectly healthy pup, to keep her with her mother until 6 weeks and he will take her.  We were contacted to take her into our program.  Daisy has a marvelous, playful personality and needs a home that has another dog that likes to play and is gentle with a younger dog.  We are looking for the right home for her with a fenced yard.  She currently weighs between 30-35 lbs and may grow slightly but the vet thinks not that much more.  Her adopters must also have the patience and time needed to care for a dog, including staying up all night with the dog if it needs you.  It doesn’t matter if you are tired, if the dog needs you then they only have you to rely on……same as a human baby.

A tripod dog can walk and run just fine, which Daisy does, and Daisy has even mastered to climb several stair steps and can climb a chair using her bent back leg.  Because she only has 1.5 back legs, she does not squat when she urinates or defecates so would need cleaning every single time she does this as it falls on her fur.  A dog diaper may work well on the indoors for this.  Daisy requires a home with another friendly dog she can play with.  She will not do well being an only dog nor left for long periods of time.  We have brought her to one of our vets who has examined her to determine if her leg can be dropped.  Right now, as the xrays show, the leg may or may not be a good candidate to be dropped or to be fitted with an orthotic.  We have a sponsor who is willing to pay for part or all of Daisy’s orthotic.  They will work with the family who adopts Daisy.  Her adopters must also show us that they are familiar with the needs of a young dog this age, this type, and with this handicap.  Daisy has an anaphylactic shock to vaccines as seen and documented by our veterinarians.  She must always be given the right kind and dose of Benedryl at least 45 minutes before being vaccinated.  We will be very careful adopting this precious and beautiful little girl to the right home who can care for her properly.    $500

Ellie – Café au Lait Standard Poodle Girl

Ellie is a beautiful café au lait poodle girl born 9/18/10.

She was originally given to us because she was unsocialized and her original owner, who purchased her from a SC breeder, who also called herself a rescue, said she didn’t have time to socialize her due to her young children.  So we socialized this beautiful girl and she is only a tiny bit shy now until she gets to know you.  She was adopted out and then returned.  Ellie is a high energy dog and needs you to exercise her every single day.   Ellie would do best with someone who is home most of the day.  She cannot be crated nor confined in small spaces and can figure out how to get out.  She is potty trained.  She loves playing with other dogs and is a special girl.  She loves to be with her person hanging out and just watching what you do all day and will go running with you.  She does require you to go outside and run and play with her off leash in a safely fenced area where she can run off her energies with you or another playful dog.  Simple leash walks will not do for this beautiful girl!  $500



Harvey is a handsome standard poodle boy weighing about 60 lbs and is 4 years old as of December 2014.  His owner died and he came together with a female aussiedoodle named Laurel.  Laurel was recently adopted and now it’s Harvey’s turn to find his forever home!  Harvey is a very relaxed and easgygoing boy.  He gets along with small and large dogs.  He is a smiley boy and likes to walk with you outdoors and be with you no matter what you are doing………normal poodle behavior!  He is quiet and a good boy!  Wouldn’t you love to have this silver boy!  He is updated on his vaccinations and tested heartworm negative recently.  $500


Houston is a jet black male very sweet standard poodle boy. He was abandoned as a youngster in his backyard along with his brothers and sisters by an AKC breeder. Houston was born about 6/6/09 and came together with his sisters Connie and Frances.   We have tested them and it is okay for them to be adopted separately.  Connie and Frances were recently adopted in 2014 and now it is Houston’s turn to find a good home!  Houston has a very sweet and kind personality and loves to play with other dogs as well as be with his people.  Ever since we have opened this rescue in 2009, we are proud to say that our dogs have always come updated with their vaccinations (many times with a 3 year rabies vaccination), DA2PP,  Bordatella, heartworm tested negative, spayed/neutered, sometimes have a dental if needed or as resources allow, flea/hw prevention, trained, microchipped, dewormed, socialized with people and animals and lifetime free training and nutrition advice.  Our adopters are very happy with the dogs they adopt from us and many times come back to adopt a second dog from us!  Our standard poodles require a five foot minimum safely fenced yard unless otherwise listed.       $500

Adopted!!! – Millie The Mermaid – AKC Black Standard Poodle Puppy Girl!

Meet Millie the Mermaid, an AKC 8 month old standard poodle puppy girl weighing about 40-50 lbs as of December 2014. . Millie’s family has a child with cancer and the expenses were too much and not enough yime gor Millie and no fenced yard so they asked us to find Millie a family with a fenced yard and playmate who could spend more time with her. Millie is in foster and is being shown to a family who already had an approved application on file. If that doesm’t work out, Millie will be available for adoption.





1.  Be a minimum age of 25 years old

2.  Most of our small dogs do not need a fenced yard but must always be on a leash attached to you while outdoors in an unfenced area.  Our large dogs require a minimum five foot high appropriate physically fenced yard.  Sometimes we have large dogs that do well with a four foot fence but the fence must be appropriate for the dog and no lower than four feet.  If a large dog does not require a fenced yard either due to their age, physical activity, demeanor, medical or other, then their profile will indicate this information.  However, they, too, must always be on a leash attached to you while outdoors in an unfenced area………..even if it’s in your own yard, you live far from the road, and you deem your property safe.  No invisible fencing and no dog doors.

3.  Have no children under 10 years old.  If your child is 9 years old and has been raised with a dog successfully then we will consider your application.  These dogs are not adopted to children as a toy or “for my child to have a dog”.  These dogs are adopted to adults who are contracted with us to be the responsible people to love, care, and to always supervise the dogs around children no matter how well behaved they are.

4.  Be a permanent resident of the state of GA

5.  Have appropriate dog and/or breed experience

6.  Adopted dog must be adopted for and live with the applicant full time, not adopted for someone else, and the adopted dog is never transferable.

7.  College students are not applicable to adopt dogs from us until they have graduated, have settled into their new jobs and know what time, expense, and energy they now realistically can provide for a dog, and meet our other criteria.

8.  No dog doors.  You are contracted with us to be outside with the dog when they are outside.   A top animal psychologist has indicated that a dog’s mind is not past that of a two year old human child’s mind.  A practical, caring person in their right mind would not allow a two year old child outdoors by themselves.  We want the same philosophy for the dogs we adopt and so do the people who give their dogs to us.

9.  All dogs and cats in your household must be spayed and/or neutered.

10.  Your adopted dog must always be on a leash unless it is in an appropriately fenced yard where it is supervised by a capable adult.

11.  No dog doors.

12.  If you have a small dog or past small dog experience and want to adopt a large dog, please have large dog ownership experience as well as experience keeping both sizes together if you presently own a small dog.  Large dogs require so much more than small dogs, especially in the exercise area, and many unintentional accidents can happen between the two sizes.  Exercise is not just letting the large dog into the back yard and expecting it to run or play by itself.  It means physically going outside with the dog and actively running and playing with it.  Simple leash walks will not meet a large dog’s exercise requirements, no matter how far or long you walk them……. unless they are older dogs.


-Review our policies

-Review our dogs profiles

-Submit a fully completed application via email, and pay the $20 application fee via (use our email address when prompted).

-When Paypal notifies Georgia Poodle Rescue of receipt, Georgia Poodle Rescue will review the application and contact you shortly thereafter.

-The entire process is fairly quick.


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