Adoptable Dogs

PLEASE GIVE THESE DOGS THE SPECIAL HOMES AND WONDERFUL LIVES THEY DESERVE!  They will look up to you and tell you in many ways, EVERY day how appreciative they are! 



When you adopt from a rescue or foster for a rescue, you are supporting the rescue efforts by helping to support the existing dogs and making space for the rescue to save even more dogs that deserve to have another loving home rather than to be euthanized in animal control or by their caretakers.  If the former owner or animal control do not tell us what breed or breed mixture the dog It’s then we do our best guess.  We do not do DNA tests and we don’t guarantee a breed or breed mixture.  We are rescue and not breeders.   


1.  Be sure to read and meet our policies listed under our Policies tab, read the dogs profiles below.

2.  Request an application via , review our policies and the dogs profiles on this web site, if you meet the policies, complete the application, save it in a Word document, and return via email. 3.  Go to and follow the instructions for making a payment to pay your application fee.  Paypal will notify us when this is done and we will begin reviewing your application.

Remember, we are available for free training advice and free nutritional advice for the rest of the dogs life.  Adopters and their other dogs* receive discounted boarding at Blue Willow Farm.  The dogs already know the owner and receive free TV, free playtime, free walks and free cuddles. (*Certain restrictions apply,

Keep on sharing all our pictures so we can find homes faster. Print them out and post them in the dog food stores, grocery stores, feed stores, department stores and boutiques, diners, restaurants, veterinary offices, groomers , subdivision post boards and newsletters, your company newsletters, break rooms, cafeterias, apartments, senior homes, playhouses, and everywhere else you think there will be quality adopters who could afford our grooming and care and our personality of following you everywhere, hence, our nickname of the shadow dog. This is not our fault that we are here needing homes. We are wonderful, trained and socialized dogs and you receive free training and nutritional advice for the rest of our lives. Please always help us. There will always be more of us coming in and us poodles cannot speak for ourselves so we need Georgia Poodle Rescue! We need your support in many ways! Thank you for your kindness and caring towards us. Thank you for paying attention and taking the time to read this. Always remember us when you see an opportunity for us. Please never forget us. All dogs who come to us are evaluated and receive training in basic obedience, walking on a leash without pulling, potty training, socialization with other dogs, socialization with people and are taught how to be happy.  All dogs receive this if necessary and may be at different stages when they are adopted but potential adopters with approved applications will meet these dogs at the meet and greet.  For the rest of the adopted dogs life, our adopters receive free training advice, free nutritional advice, and discounted dog boarding with free basic training brushup if needed at , which supports the dogs in the poodle rescue.

NOTE:  You need to have an approved  application for a meet and greet as we need to ensure the dogs you are interested in are in one location and freshly groomed at the meet and greet.  Our mailing address is listed on this web site…not our physical address nor our foster homes.  Meet and Greets are by appointment only with approved applications. WE DO NOT ADOPT OUT OF STATE!   


TOY SIZE DOGS (4-13 pounds and/or short in height and a little more weight for mixes) – (Adoption amount is listed in each dogs profile.  These dogs need a physical fenced yard if you live in a house, or if you have children, or unless otherwise stated.)

Gracie and Olive - Gracie is a white TeaCup size toy poodle girl and Olive we believe is her mother!!!

Gracie is a one year old white tea cup size small toy poodle girl weighing only 4.5 lbs.  She needs a securely and totally fenced yard for you to always be with her when sge is outdoors and where she can’t escape through or under the fence due to her size. She is spayed, updated on her vaccines and dewormed.  She came from a breeders situation where she had too many dogs.  Gracie came to us very scared and her little personality came out when Olive who we believe is her mother came to us from the same breeder.  We are looking for a home with successful experience of the teacup size dogs and who knows their needs and how to work with this size. We are adopting Gracie and Olive together.  $600 No Crating!

HOTROD-Black/Tan Yorkie Boy!

Please see FB post for more information.

No Crating!

ADOPTED-JAZZY-Black Toy Poodle Girl!

Jazzy is a cute 10 lb black toy poodle girl who is 8 years old.  Her owner had yo move in with her son who had a big dog and was no longer able to care for Jazzy, who is AKC registrted and who lived with one woman since she was a pup.  Jazzy is cute abd has adjusted well with the smaller dogs.  She can potty on a pad as well as outdoors.  She is friendly and seems to have a small beginning of cataract in one eye.  She is accustomed to having ftee reign of the house snd wasn’t doing well in her small pen at the sins house.  We need to spay her.  She is updated on her vaccines and heartworm test.  She is microchipped and will receive an automatic dewormer.  Once you adopt her, all you need to do is love her. More info. and pix coming soon!

ADOPTED-MISSY-Blue/Silver Toy Poodle Girl!

Please see FB post for more info.

$500 No Crating!  Must always be on leash and harness if not in a safely fenced area with an adult.


See Facebook Posr for details.

No Crating!!!

STEVIE WONDER – White Senior Toy Poodle Boy!!!

This is Stevie as in Stevie Wonder (Thank you to Linda Sheffield for helping us name him and foster him.). He was picked up as a stray by animal control who said he is around 12 years old and who shaved him down extremely short. This little guy has a heart of gold but he just sat in animal control because no one wanted to give him a chance due to his age, his eyes, and his hearing. One picture shows how overgrown and matted he was. The other picture shows him shaved down. He is a 10 lb toy poodle boy with slightly longer legs. He has cataracts and doesn’t hear well but he does react when the dogs bark and when you open his run. We were outside at animal control with the male officer and when two female officers walked in and spoke with Stevie, Stevie actually walked up to one of them, stood on his hind legs, and placed his paws on her leg. Whether it was the sight, smell, and/or hearing of her we don’t know but it definitely happened and gave us hope for little Stevie. Stevie seems to be upset that he can hardly see or can’t see at all (just imagine how you would feel) but when you pick him up he feels more secure and begins kissing you showing his thankfulness and grabs onto your hands wrapping both front paws around them as if to say, “don’t let me go. Don’t get rid of me. It was very scary out there on the streets all alone for me”. He seems to see shadows as he was following them on the wall when we walked near him. He is on a schedule to go potty outside and does well. He loves to be petted and loves to snuggle and sleep with you.
We are discussing and researching with experts in different philosophies as to  which products/foods may give him the best chance with his cataracts. He doesn’t like you touching his mouth but when you work up to it and are gentle he is better.  He loves to sit near you and sleep in your arms. He is pad trauned and will bark at you twice to carry him outdoors to potty.  He loves for you to pick him up, so he can hold onto your arm with his two front paws when you bring him out to potty or hang wuth you.  His 3rd blood test came back with kidney disease where the numbers actually got better after his dental and teeth extractions.  When you pick him up to bring him indoors, he will kiss your face, thanking you and appreciating you for not abandoning him.  The first vet said he must be on prescription food, where some was donated for him.  However, one of our other vets said he can eat soft canned for for seniors instead.   Won’t you give little Stevie a chance, adopt him, and give him a good rest of his life or help us support him?  NO Crating!!! $100


SUSHI – White Toy Poodle Girl!

Sushi is a very cute white toy poodle gi=l who just turned 13.  She was adopted December 2019 and her owner called us saying the owner was dying and to come pick up Sushi.  This little girl is such a sweetheart snd is on the DeliFresh refrigerated dog food plus nutritious human/dog food added to her diet.  She loves to go potty on a pad or on a leash and loves exploring with you outside.  She is perfectly contebt sleeping near your head at night and being cuddled by you during the day.

She is ready for her new home. She is updated on her vaccines and heartworm test, microchipped and received an automatic dewormer and is ready to be loved again!  No crating!!! $100

MINIATURE SIZE DOGS (Weight ranging from 14-25 lbs.  Adoption amount listed in each dog’s profile.  These dogs need an appropriate physical fenced yard if you live in a house/condo, etc., or if you have children unless otherwise stated.)

BOO- Cream/Tan Doodle Boy!

My name is Boo!  I am a 1 year old cream/tan doodle boy!  The vet said I am poodle and ….?  I have fluffy/wavy hair and my body was just shaved.  My owner died and now I am looking for a new home.  I weigh about 33 lbs, have a longer body, shorter legs and natural tail. I have a deep bark so I would do better in a home rather than an apartment.  I like the outdoors when we are together.  I will need to be neutered but you can meet me ahead of time.  I am very sweet, know how to sit, love cheese and chicken and meeting other dogs.  I am a friendly guy and if you invite me, I will jump on the couch to cuddle with you.  Come meet me!  NO CRATING!


JASMINE- Tan & White Cocker Spaniel Girl!!!

Hi! My name is Jasmine! My nickname is Jaz! I’m a tan and white American cocker spaniel girl. I’m spayed and my bloodwork and heartworm test came back all good. My former dad went to jail and the district attorney contacted rescue because no one was able to take care of me and I had to be given up by my dad. My vet exam was great. I just turned 8 years old, my eyes are clear, and I was just groomed. My beautiful hair had to be clipped short because I was matted but I still look beautiful and it will grow back! I was just updated on my vaccines and dewormed. I am a friendly girl and know how to sit, stay, come and lie down. I really love fetching and retrieving balls and frisbees! I weigh 35.8 lbs. I love chilling on a nice cushy bed or a couch and following you around. I love to be spoken to and petted and to be told I’m a good girl. I am looking for my forever home. I need a fenced yard for you to play with me in with my frisbee, balls, and chuck it, which come with me. NO CRATING!!! $350



ADOPTED!!!-Chewy-Silver and Gold Yorkiepoo Boy!!!

Hi! My name is Chewy! I am a 3 year old silver and gold yorkie poo boy weighing 15 lbs and my DOB is 11.21.16. My mom moved to another state far away and couldn’t take me with her. I love to snuggle and be with you. I have slept with my mom in her bed since she got me at 8 weeks old so I am looking for someone who will let me do the same. My mom had a walk-in shower and every time she turned on the shower I came running to jump in the shower. I am potty trained and go potty within a half hour after eating so you need to take me outside to potty then because I don’t bark to go outside. I love other people and dogs. I love attention and love to go for walks to see what’s going on. I had a good vet exam today and I have a negative heartworm test, had my glands expressed and nails trimmed. I am neutered and up to date on my vaccines. No Crating!


STANDARD & MOYEN DOGS (All Need an Appropriate Physical Fenced Yard Unless Otherwise Stated.)



My name is Gabby! I am a 7 month old standard poodle puppy girl from AKC parents. I weigh 48.2 lbs as of 9.5.20.  My mother is white and my father is silver beige. I was born black and may be clearing to silver or blue. I am a friendly and happy girl and like to play with other dogs but was not socialized so Georgia Poodle Rescue’s trainer trained me.  I know sit, come, short stays, can shake paw, and will come flying to you with a whistle. I was adopted at 8 weeks old by a breeder, who had in her contract not to crate me. Well, I was crated almost 24/7 and treated rough. The mother in law of the adopters called the breeder and reported all of this. The breeder marched over there and rescued me and took me back. The breeder was getting an operation and said I needed training so called Georgia Poodle Rescue to help. Thank you to the man named Barry who helped transport me and was so nice to me. Georgia Poodle Rescue worked on my psychological and physical conditioning. I am doing very well and get along with the other dogs here. The breeder said she wants a home for me where the people are home with me (because I’m a puppy) not only during the Covid crisis but afterwards as well and she doesn’t want me in dog day care. I need someone who can run fast and play with me and give me the exercise I need.  No homes with kids or grandkids, etc. as my former home had them and they were rough with me and I had to fend for myself as their parents didn’t watch me or protect me around them.  Georgia Poodle Rescue will find me a home who meets the policies as well as the minimum requirements above. I am spayed, updated on my DA2PP, Bordatella, and rabies vaccines, dewormer, heartworm negative, microchipped, groomed, trained, playful, friendly and ready to find my forever loving home!  My adoption fee is $800 (less tgan half of what the breeder charges and I am trained.) NO CRATING!!!



Hi! My name is Huey! I am a beautiful brown one year old brown standard poodle boy born 7.15.19. I have golden amber eyes and am turning into a cafe au lait or silver beige color. I weighed in at 40.5 lbs today. I am a normal height for a standard poodle boy and have a svelte figure. I should start filling out within the next year. Because I have my natural poodle tail, the groomer thought I was a doodle and groomed me like a doodle but I am a beautiful standard poodle! I was just neutered, tested heartworm negative, and am now up to date on my vaccines. I have a wonderful personality and love my people. I originally was purchased from a breeder but the people didn’t follow through installing a fence for me so I was sold to another person. That person loved me but had another doodle who was there first and it didn’t work out. I know how to sit, walk on a leash, stay, come and we are working on down. I am a happy boy, have pearly white teeth, love to smile and am very friendly.  $700 NO CRATING!!!


Jetta and Zada are moyen poodle girls from the same human family and are bonded so need to be adopted together.  We have their former vet files and their updated vet files from our vet.  Jetta weighs about 46 lbs. And Zada weighs about 36 lbs.  The white poodle is named Zada and the black poodle is named Jetta.  Jetta’s DOB  is 12.12.06.  Zada’s DOB is 4.11.13.  Zada ikes to cuddle, can shake paws with each front paw, and knows sit, come, and down commands.  She loves toys.  Jetta loves to cuddle and knows the come and ahort stay commands and will run with Zada but will let Zada have the toy if she wants it.  We just began giving both dogs a dental gel that is advertised to soften and remove any tartar and plaque in about 6-8 weeks.  Both are updated on their vaccines.  Both are potty trained and friendly.  Zada is sometimes scared of thunder.  Both are very well behaved and Zada loves her black ball.  These two belonged to the wife who passed away.  They were purchased as pups.  The husband works long hours and wants them to go to a home where they will have more time with their people as they were spending 10-12 hour days alone.  They are both charming, potty trained, friendly, get along with and play well with other dogs and well socialized with people.  They are not barkers and they would be a nice addition to your family in a quieter household.  No Crating. Fenced yard needed!  No tiny dogs or cats. $500 to adopt us together!

ADOPTED!!!-JIM-Black Moyen Standard Poodle Boy!!!

Jim is a 4 year old black moyen sized standard poodle boy weighing 42 lbs.  He was born 12.11.15.  His former owner purchased him from a show breeder and has owned him ever since.  Jim knows sit, shaje oaw, come, and down.  Sadlt, his former owner couls no longer care for him due to the illness she developed.  She loved Jim and checks in on him all the time hoping  Jim will find a good home with standard poodle experience.  $500  NO CRATING!!!

JOSIE-YOUNG APRICOT MOYEN  GOLDENDOODLE GIRL! (Moyen means a medium size between miniature and standard size). Hi! My name is Josie! I am moyen goldendoodle girl weighing about 59 lbs and my DOB is 12.24.16!  My former owner lost her job so here I am looking for a new home again.  I am friendly and sometimes shy until I get to know you.  I am super energetic and need a home with a similar dog in type and size like me and owners who will actually go outside and actually run and play with me and my toys.  I need a fully fenced yard connected to the house so we can play safely together in it and parents who I won’t outlive. $600  NO CRATING!!!

ADOPTED!!!-LUCY-White Standard Poodle Girl!!!

Meet Lucy! Lucy is a 5 year old very nice white standard poodle girl weighing 43.5 lbs! Her former owner is divorcing, moving into an apartment, and wants us to find Lucy an experienced standard poodle home that meets our policies. Lucy is remarkably “well educated”! She has that standard poodle IQ, sits well, knows her name, come, stay and is well socialized with other dogs and people. She has that charming quizzical tilting head look when she wants to understand you. She smiles! She is a very happy girl! She walks well on a leash and plays well. She loves her dried liver treats and will automatically sit for one with you only holding your finger up in the number one position! She is on the Kirkland Lamb, Rice, and Vegetable food from Costco. She was groomed yesterday. She was very well cared for and very loved and we are looking for someone to do the same.


MIKEY – Cream Moyen Goldendoodle Boy! 

(Moyen means a medium size between miniature and standard size).

Hi! My name is Mikey! I am a moyen goldendoodle boy weighing about 40 lbs and born 12.24.16! I and a few of my family were adopted but our owner lost her job and here I am looking for a home again.  I am friendly and sometimes shy until I get to know you.  I have a soft grade 2 heart murmur with no symptoms.   I am super energetic and need a home with a similar dog in type and size like me and owners who will actually go outside and actually run and play with me and my toys and owners I won’t outlive.  I need a fully fenced yard connected to the house so we can safely play together in it and parents who I won’t outlive. $600  NO CRATING!!


(Moyen means a medium size between miniature and standard size).

Hi! My name is Oscar! I am a moyen goldendoodle boy weighing about 52 lbs and my DOB is 1.27.16! I and a few of my family were adopted but our owner lost her job and I am back in the poodle rescue looking for a  home.  I am friendly and sometimes shy until I get to know you.  I am super energetic and need a home with a similar dog like me in size and type and a fenced yard with owners who will actually go outside and actually run and play with me in the safely fenced yard and owners who I won’t outlive.  $600  NO CRATING!!!

REMY! – White Standard Poodle Boy!

My name is Remy! I am a white standard poodle boy born 4/19/17!  I was owned by a woman with stage 3 breast cancer who purchased me for her younger daughter.  I know how to sit and now walk on a leash.  I now socialized with other dogs here and love running and playing with them!  Now they are my best buddies.  My eyes are great but my hair is in one of my eyes in the picture.  I came here liking to jump up and give you kisses.  I have been worked with, but I may want to give you occasional kisses, too!  I love praise. I need parents who I won’t outlive.  I need a fenced yard to safely play with my owners and dogs in.   NO CRATING!!! $500



Hi!  My name is Willow!  I am a cream standard doodle girl….maybe a wheaten/poodle mix (Whoodle)!  I have wavy, soft, fluffy hair and no shedding here but I must be brushed regularly so my beautiful hair won’t mat.  My formrr mom adopted me from GPR a few years ago.  My mom had stem cell treatment for her cancer, however, the cancer came back and I was very worried for her.  She was too weak to care for herself or me and then died…so here I am looking for a new home again.  I just turned 7 years old July 2020.  I am very friendly, obedient, know my commands, potty trained, like to play and get along with the other dogs and weigh about 55 lbs.  Fenced yard needed.  Will you give me a home? NO CRATING!!!

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