UPDATE!!!!!  Misty Rose’s ears are now normal as of July 30, 2013!  We kept all beef and grains and dyes away from her food and with the nutrition we gave her and a different vet’s second opinion, care and expertise and thorough knowledge of this type of condition the medical and nutritional magic occurred and Misty Rose no longer needs a $3500 operation suggested by a board certified veterinarian specialist  This operation would have removed both ear canals making the sweet little girl deaf!  With the distance we had to drive and the time we spent at the vets office, we were gone a good 4 hours!  We are so glad we were told about this other vet and sought a second opinion.  We wonder why the board certified specialist didn’t give us the same advice?

SEE UPDATE ABOVE!  We need your donations for Misty Rose FAST!  Misty Rose is a 4 year old AKC registered silver poodle recently surrendered to us.  Her ears are grossly infected, and calcified with a cauliflower effect to the point that her ear canals are not visible and we cannot clean the infection out.  She is in terrible pain and the ear specialist says she needs a total ear canal ablation which will cost $3500.  We need to raise these funds within two weeks to help Misty Rose.  Can you contribute via ?  Every dollar helps to get her the operation she needs.  Can you help us help this little girl?  Can you help us spread the word?  Also, we need a foster home to spend time with her and care for her after her surgery.  Please spread the word far and wide.  Misty Rose deserves to live a pain-free life.  Here is a picture of the little girl upon intake, after we groomed her, and of her ears.


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